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ABOUT creations

    ´╗┐welcome to my site my name is cheryl and i have been educating myself on cannabidiol (cbd) for the past year, and still learning.there is not a day that goes by that i don't read something that absolutely amazes me about cbd. the claims that people make are so exciting.


this excitement is what lead me to try to find something that was truly a pain reliever. after seeing the pain my sister-in-law had to live with day in and day out i just wanted to create something to help her. the pain medications she takes seem to give her no relief not mention seem to be doing more harm than good. 

    first came the pain rub. she and my brother said that it worked, i thought that with her medical issues it must hurt her to rub it in. i kept reading and then one day came up with the cbd alcohol spray, it was a hit with everyone who has tried it. the real tester was my sister-in-law, she loved it. my brother told me it is the only thing he can put on her that takes the pain away and, she doesn't complain afterwards that it didn't help. i could go on and on but i won't. there will be a blog section on the site so people that have tried my cbd creations can tell about the product whether good or bad, please feel free to share your experience with my products.  

    since then i have created my cbd oils, rubs, sprays and creams not to mention the roll on. scalp treatment for hair-growth and repair, anti-aging moisturizer and a salve for dry/cracked skin. i personally try my products before i put my samples out.

    i cannot make any medical claims or give you 100% guarantee that my product will heal or fix what you need done. i can only tell you what it has done for myself, family and friends. i am hoping to get other thoughts and experiences through my blog from people outside the box who have tried and continue to use my product. try some today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

my creations 

cbd oil                                      2 oz bottle $40.00

infused with coconut oil..2 or 3 drops under the tongue, hold for a couple seconds and swallow, that simple. this mixture has excellent claims by people like you and i. try for yourself and see what it can heal for you.

cbd alcohol spray                       2 oz bottle $20.00

alcohol 98% and cbd mixture cured for 6 weeks makes a fast acting relief of pain. the spray can be used as often as needed, just spray and rub.

cbd alcohol rub                         2 oz jar $20.00

Alcohol 98% and cbd mixture with beeswax added makes a pain rub that is long lasting and can be used as often as needed.

cbd alcohol roll on                   1 oz roll on $10.00

same as alcohol spray, only applied with roll on applicator and rub

                                              ***the deeper you rub the better it works***

cbd miracle anti-aging cream      2 oz jar $30.00

made with a selected blend of oils, raw aloe vera gel and coconut oil, add this combination to cbd oil and let the miracle begin. use as a moisturizing cream in the morning and at night or, use as a base under your makeup.

cbd salve for dry/cracked skin      2 oz jar $25.00

made from a selected blend of vitamin e, hemp oil and beeswax, add this combination cbd oil...apply to dry or cracked skin, put on socks, listen carefully and you just might hear your skin say "thank you". apply 2 to 3 times daily.

cbd scalp treatment                    4 oz bottle $20.00

made from a selected blend of oils, hemp and coconut oil. add this combination to cbd oil and apply to entire scalp. massage into scalp, leave in for 4 to 5 hours (if easier you can apply at bedtime, cover with plastic cap) shampoo hair as normal. you will find you probably will not need conditioner. repeat this process once a week, you will notice a difference. what's even better is when people notice the difference in your hair.

something special you want? 

***i take special orders, or will make larger sizes upon request***

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